Snot on

14+ short weeks ago, when that sperm met that egg, the pregnancy gods were having party. Of the rowdy kind, doing shots of tequila, having fun and feeling generous. And in their infinite kindness and through their drunken haze, they bestowed on me the Deluxe Supreme All Options Included Pregnancy Package. At no extra charge.

By now, I think I have finally left the puking days behind me. My constant companion, Nausea, has been faithfully by my side through thick and thin. A few days ago I was sure I could feel her grip starting to slip, and momentarily rejoiced.
Then I started sneezing and soon sensed the snot factory kick into action. Ahhhh I thought to myself, just a little fall cold, I can handle that – piece of cake compared to puking, right? Wrong.
Not a fall cold, not allergies, not just a little dust up my nose. It’s ANOTHER SNEAKY DAMN SYMPTOM of pregnancy, that fails to be widely publicized. The literature chalks it up to hormonal changes causing additional blood flow to mucous membranes. That, combined with added blood volume, causes the lining of sinus/nasal passages to swell and sometimes restricting the airflow. There is even a fancy term; Pregnancy Rhinitis. The good news is that although it can last for the entire pregnancy it should clear up right after delivery.
Even if I’m not experiencing a runny nose – only congestion and sinus pressure along with mad backwash, I am not feeling particularly grateful. My mood is more along the “pissed” and “where the fuck is my blissful 2nd trimester” lines.

Damn you, Estrogen and your skanky hormonal cohorts. And again Evolution – what the fuck? Taking the whole survival of the fittest a bit far, aren’t we?


5 thoughts on “Snot on

  1. Uh oh… nose is terrible. Same as the first time around. When I blow my nose, it looks like world war II has been blown into a tiny little kleenex. It SUCKS!!!!! And mine has gotten all irritated and formed little cracks that bleed everytime I show any sign of joy on my face. So no happiness. Only sad faces until my cracks heal lol. Not to shit on your day further, but mine didn’t go away until delivery the first time, and I came out addicted to saline nose spray :/

  2. And this is only the beginning, there’s so much more to look forward to, like your lips cracking and nothing working to stop them peeling every day. Oh, and the need to pee constantly, well that increases, and for me is currently every hour of every night. Ooh and the oh so sweet movements turn into sometimes quite painful jabs in the ribs and bladder. And there’s SO much more but I don’t want to spoil all the fun ;). At least I got lucky and was able to rest most of my pregnancy while being given bed rest orders for 17 weeks. But I have a feeling all these little sacrifices will be so worth it when they are yelling that they hate you when they are 13 years old. :D

    All sacrifices aside tho, I do love being pregnant and I am looking forward to meeting the little critter and being his mom.

  3. I’m still wondering about the words I heard at the doctors office. “And enjooy the pregnancy”. Still at week 27 I feel it’s just inconvinient beeing “big,beautiful and glowing”. But…. hon…. it’s all worth it!

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