Blue, pink, purple, yellow, green?

Not a whole lot of news, other than the Bean is cooking along and starting to infringe on pant space in a bad way. More often than not it’s yoga pants and stretchy pants these days, which is the preferred wardrobe anyway so it’s all good.  And speaking of yoga, I finally got my ass back to class last night and it was heavenly!  Hips and back was the theme and that was exactly what I needed.

This am we went and met with our new doctor, and so far it’s a big improvement!  Much smaller practice right up the road from the hospital we plan on delivering at and the staff was lovely. The doctor reminds me of doctors in days gone by – almost like in an old-time movie.  He was thorough in his interview and took time to listen to my answers and answer any questions we had, and left both of us with a great feeling.
And tomorrow is a big day, going in for an ultrasound and we are going to see if we can find out if it’s a boy or a girl. Family members on both sides have made their gender predictions and now we just have to see which of them have the gift of guessing!

And then, after we know what flavor, the real fun begins: pondering names.



5 thoughts on “Blue, pink, purple, yellow, green?

  1. HOOOORAAAY!! I’m doing cartwheelios over here. My gut says healthy girl but my heart wants you to have a healthy little boy. But it’s going to be a rad kid either way :)

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