Cake, cake and more cake.

I have a nifty little recipe clipper/collector thing that I use to collect tasty little bits from the internet.
I originally got it to keep track of some Icelandic recipes that I want to have on hand and be able to make here in the US. I’m by no means a fabulous cook, but I’m starting enjoy dabbling in the kitchen more and more. Slowly but surely I’m getting better.
Many of the ingredients that are available at home I can’t find here or they function way different. American cheese, for example, is not made out of cheese half the time – and doesn’t behave AT ALL like Icelandic cheese when it’s in the pot or pan. Kind of gross actually, I wish my American friends knew what they were missing out on; maybe that would encourage cooks here to stand up for less processed/chemically laden ingredients.
And sometimes I just don’t have the faintest clue as to what the English name is for what I want.  One example is the spice “múskat” which I have hunted for high and low for years. I think it’s called nutmeg in English, but then again that could be “brúnkökukrydd” which is similar but not the same.  And all these are used in a pinch of this or a dash of that format, but boy, you sure notice if they are missing.

Anyhow. I do enjoy baking more than I do cooking, and now that I’m looking through my Paprika app, the “cake” folder is a whole lot fatter than any other folder… yikes!  Thankfully most of those are recipes that I have not yet gotten around to make or I’d no doubt be a few hundred pounds heavier than I am.
Husband  barely has any sweet tooth at all, but favors foods so spicy that I can’t even look at them without breaking out in cold sweat.

Today, my cake folder got one recipe fatter, as I tripped over this link from a fellow oh-dear-jesus-will-this-pregnancy-ever-end mommy blogger, for a Chocolate Eclair Cake.  Click at own risk. Truly might be worth putting on a bra and going to get some ingredients, but first I have to wait for my oven situation to be fixed….


2 thoughts on “Cake, cake and more cake.

  1. I get your frustration with cheese. I thought the word ‘Jack’ in the name was a secret sign it will turn to rubber in a pan, but found that even cheeses without the word ‘Jack’ in their name do that…

    • The “Jack” is a brilliant indicator though, even if not 100% perfect. I will use that to train up fellow Scandinavian immigrants that are facing the same battles :D

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