Sayonara, Google Reader

Let me join the hoards of people who are crying in their pillow, mourning the fate of Google Reader.  I keep up with a good few blogs and for the past several years Google Reader has been what allows me to aggregate all those into one, organized, categorized, key worded happy place.  But no more…. sigh.

I just hope the geeks out there are working their little tails off trying to come up with something to replace it.

Since I can’t come up with anything fun or interesting to write about at the moment, I’m going to send you over to another blog that makes a regular appearance in my RSS feed.  It’s a running blog, but don’t let that scare you. It’s written by a young ‘un (compared to me at least) with a zest for life as she deals with Chron’s disease and tries to run like the wind. As you might imagine, from time to time, those kind things can  at time to be tough to reconcile.

Her feelings about the current Chron’s flare-up pretty well line up with my feelings on my current pregnancy and my ability to get along with doctors. The single thing I’m looking forward to the most after delivery is of course to meet my doctor – and then upon going home, to not have to look another doctor in the face for what will hopefully be a very, very long time.

Patient care in this country has got to start moving forward and it has got to move away from lawyers and insurance companies. A big a part of that is on us, kids. We have to start taking an active role by having a healthy and vested interest in our own health and well-being – we are well overdue for that shift.
The studies telling us that the US spends more than any other country on healthcare but yet is in excessively poor health should be slapping us awake. As much I’d love to have seen NY Mayor Bloomberg succeed in his ban of gargantuan sodas/sugary beverages, I’d much rather see those items going the way of the dodo bird on their own, because the American public is smart enough to not buy them.

So. I guess I had some words in me after all. But enough about that, go read Ali’s blog post.
And then send me so me baby delivery vibes please, it’s time.


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