Shedding. Round 47.

That would be in the match of Moi versus the Stuff.  So far I’m gaining a little, but the Stuff is definitely in a very strong position and using trickery to stay there.

I’ve begun phase 2 in the closet and can kind of proudly say that I by now have less clothing than the husband. He claims is it because I prefer light fabrics but he has sturdy shorts and jeans. That may play a part, but I’m sure that if we just counted item for item, I’d still have fewer.  This might become a touchy thing to balance – my need to purge, and his need to hold on.  Although, after he tries to stuff all those canvas shorts into his half of the trailer storage, I have a feeling he might come around to trimming the excess. Fingers crossed.

Other than that, the flea market/garage sale pile continues to grow and pretty soon I am going to have to take action on turning that into cash or getting it off to Goodwill, the cluttered area is starting to get under my skin.  Once the kick-knacks are out-of-the-way, it’s on to decide which furniture we move on into storage for now and which pieces to let go of.  That is anticipating we will be back in a house at a point before too many months go by.  We have a few good pieces of furniture, but honestly overall, about 80% of it can go for all I care. Old, used, well-worn – or never liked it to begin with.

When it comes time to live in a house again, somewhere down the road, I think I will limit the furniture to a bed, kitchen table & chairs and chairs – and a sweet couch that I can put my feet up in. The rest of the house will be for my bike and yoga mat, and eventually a nice yoga wall so I can hang like a bat when the mood strikes.
In the dream home, I’d have a laundry area big enough so that I could have a airing closet or two in there, and keep most all my day-to-day in the laundry room, thus eliminating the most dreaded of laundry chores: the putting away bit.  The more I think about it, the more I find it to be an ingenious solution, and the more I think I will make that a must factor in a home.
I’ll just leave you with that thought….   never, ever, EVER having to put laundry away again. Bliss.