The naughty jogger

I put together a training plan for my half marathon, and lo and behold, a whole week and a half in, I’m actually running on schedule. Ish. I will admit to have missed a couple of runs, but I do have a fantastic excuse:  I was coupled up in yoga teacher training all weekend. So it’s not like I just sat on my butt, watched TV and ate chips – I was actually moving and grooving and using my body. Plenty of sweat this weekend, even if I only ran 3 miles.

This time around I didn’t recruit a partner to do the run with. I told a handful of people that I had signed up, but didn’t actively try to recruit a training partner as I have before.  I used to find it really beneficial to train with someone, but it’s tricky to find the right person. They have to have similar hunger for running, ideally bopping around at similar paces, want to work out the same times you do etc etc. This time around, for some odd reason, I have enough gumption in my gut to get myself going out the door. Sometimes I’m up for it at crack of dawn, sometimes I feel like running later in the day.  Sometimes I hit up Planet Purple to run inside on a treadmill in a lovely climate controlled environment, sometimes I’m in a mood to sweat it up outside.  It’s really nice to be a free range runner.
Once I build up my mileage and tolerance a bit more I think I’ll seek out the running club again for some choice workouts. It is nice to have the group energy and get some fire in the belly from the energy of the pack, and it’s good to push myself a little.
But, for now with the temps hot enough to melt dirt, I’ll keep on kind of winging the schedule to suit my whims.