Shutting up and minding your own business

Castle that way. Keep walking.

It’s fucking hard to see a friend suffering.
My best friend lost a parent as a teenager, and recently a relationship came to an end. And like in any good country song, the damn dog died. And it was a sweet, mischievous, fun little dog to boot. I personally liked the dog better than the partner, especially after the breakup. The combination of all of the above, along with a smattering of life’s little disappointments is hitting like a ton of bricks and the hurt is visible from a mile away.
It destroys me that I can’t fix it. I have no idea how to lift that burden, or how to help with moving on. At times, I’d like to deliver a smack to the head and say “get over it already” but at the same time, I don’t know that even a good solid punch would make a difference. If it was a broken leg, I could help with chores, get groceries etc, but when we are dealing with a hurting soul, I got nothing.

At the end of the day, I guess it’s not my path to walk.
And that is a bloody hard realization to come to, that perhaps my place is to just unconditionally give her my love and friendship, not to judge, except with the occasional eye-roll when the mood strikes, just to avoid complete sainthood. You do have to wonder why it’s so much easier to live other people’s lives, than your own. What kind of asinine dirty trick of evolution set us up that way?