Evolution, a word please.

Right now, Evolution.  We need to talk. Seeing that I’m totally on board with the dinosaurs, a big fan of Charles Darwin and all that, we’ve been on pretty good terms until now. But at this stage, I’d like an explanation for this “morning” sickness nonsense – I’d like it now, and it better be really effing good.

Even if I’m no longer playing an upside down volcano over the toilet (or sink), I’m still feeling pretty icky, and quite frankly it’s gone on long enough.
Plus, I’d like to know WHY other mammals (or animals in general) that reproduce sexually are not subjected to this. It hardly seems fair. And don’t throw back the whole “original sin” bullshit, you know that the two of you are not compatible.
You can leave your answer in the comments or get it to me any way other you choose, but I really am curious as to the reason. Thank you very much, Evolution, I look forward to hear from you almost as much as I look forward to having some semblance of my former self back.  That load of laundry from  yesterday, still in the dryer, probably all nicely wrinkled up by now. Work in progress, I tell you.

Oh and while we are on topic, a short essay on the fucked up placement of the bladder in front and below the uterus, please. Really, Evolution?  Was gravity not around when you made that excellent placement call?