The curious state of motivation

I’d love to be a gazelle on this trail

In order to be, you have to do.

This inconvenient truth continues to slap me in the face.
As an example, I’d like to be a runner. The kind that laces up their shoes (or not, if you are the barefoot kind) and then takes off with the grace of a gazelle, where the miles effortlessly tick by. I’d really like that. In order to get to the gazelle state, I’m told one has to commit to a regular running schedule, with gradual increases in time/distance.
I’ve tried. I’ve signed up for all kinds of races to help motivate me. Each time, I put in a carefully calculated volume that allows me to a) survive and b) not look completely like death at finish.  That part is important.  But I never seem manage to stick with it much past that finish line.

Is because I actually don’t desire to do the work, just want the results? I don’t know.
Is it because I’m a Vata (great starters, suck at follow through)? I don’t know that either.
And at the end of the day, does it even matter?  Well, that’s what I’d like to find out….

Until then, an imperceptible nod to Running. Perhaps we shall meet again.