Lots of lasts

Moving day is pretty well upon us, with all the frazzles and hassles moving tends to bring.

The garbage men will be thrilled to see us go. We’ve been leaving them increasingly heavier loads over the past few weeks, compared to our usual half a garbage can and some recyclables. The part of the Stuff that survived the move is safely loaded into a pod in the driveway, to be picked up and moved to the new digs Friday. The dog is making great headway turning itself into a Chinese crested, but once we settle down again maybe he’ll consider regrowing some hair.

The Cat, iBite, seems to be the only one unfazed by the move. In fact, he’s been having the time of his life clambering in and out of boxes and playing ‘hide, seek and I’ll fuck you up’ in the rubble. When we move, he’s in for some jail time in the laundry room when the floors are getting installed. Payback buddy. His outdoor privileges have also been revoked and will be reintroduced very slowly in the new house.  There is more traffic there that concerns me, plus there are some other kitties around. iBite doesn’t exactly back down from confrontation so he’s looking at leash time confined to the back yard, at least to begin with.  Judge me all you want.  I leash cats. I’ll spare both of us the humility of walking him though, have to draw the line somewhere.

Yoga has kindly relocated itself to the back seat for the week. I’ve been pretty exhausted and stressed out. Normally those are 2 excellent reasons for hitting the mat, but I just have nothing left in the tank at the moment. Oh well, Yoga totally understands and we will pick it up again soon.