Sitting still feels so good

Back home, for a bit. Phew. I had a great trip to South Carolina, experienced Southern Hospitality at its finest and was able to catch up with some old buddies at Carolinafest. You know that you are road weary when Florida in the summertime sounds like a great place to be.

But, in a way it is. Especially now that all my friends are getting kayak’d up and I have high hopes they might invite me with on their excursions. That’s one way to make the summer go by nicely, plenty of cool water to dip your toes in around here. Or the beach, always nice to get some sand between your toes. Why is it always about the toes? Even yoga has a light obsession with toes.

Other than that, it’s yoga teacher training on my mind. We have a full weekend coming up, with plenty of anatomy and physical asana studies, but I’m also really starting to enjoy exploring the philosophy. The western translations differ WILDLY, so the more I read, the more I start to get my own fledgling understanding, but more reading and pondering is certainly in order.

On on, with the summer of 2012.  Let’s make it a fun one.