Harboring a miniature terrorist

Well, maybe that is taking it too far, and calling your future offspring a terrorist is definitely not going to win me any parenting awards. Not that I was in any danger of those anyway, as I hail from a long line of irresponsible Scandinavian mothers that abandon their children sleeping in prams to go inside stores and cafés.  I know that is not something you can do here in the Land of the Free, because baby snatchers are everywhere. Plus, I’m in Florida, the pram would catch on fire.

But back to terrorism. I’ve come to realize that it’s of the chemical warfare kind, and the hell unleashed on me by this little thing currently the size of a medium shrimp is no joke. So far baby progression has been measured mostly in fruit, but since shrimp can cause violent vomiting, I suspect this is no accident.

I have high hopes for next week when we transition to a lemon. Compared to shrimps, lemons are very, very nice.