The big reveal!

It’s been almost a week already?!  Time flies, when your head isn’t in the toilet, and I’ve been a bit busy catching up on life.

Anyhow, last week we went and saw the new doctor  and eager beaver husband scheduled an ultrasound to see if it was a boy or a girl. I maintain that I could totally have waited until the “Level 2” ultrasound scheduled for Nov 20th, because I’m such a patient and rational person. Plus, we had a little mini bet going, and truth be told, I was worried that the husband was right, so I was in no hurry to find out.  My bet was on a little girl.

We arrived at the doctor’s office with a full bladder as instructed. I wouldn’t mind meeting the bright mind (no doubt a man, and definitely not a pregnant one) who wrote the instructions calling for drinking 32 oz of water before the appointment. I grew up in Europe so I wasn’t that alarmed until I realized that 32 oz = 1 liter (just shy).  I’m usually pretty well hydrated so adding that on top meant a bladder ready to explode by the time the ultrasound tech squirted the cold gel on my belly. I thank yoga for my highly trained sphincter and am truly glad I didn’t pee myself right there on the table.

But 10 seconds into the deal I forgot all about having to pee, as the ultrasound tech announced “oh look, definitely a girl, there are the parts!”.  My little heart just melted, how awesome!  Then I looked at the husbands face and cracked up laughing at the sheer terror on his face.  He immediately started muttering something about buying guns and ammo, following up with “all men are pigs” and a few choice sentences like that.  He recovered pretty quickly though and we really enjoyed the rest of the ultrasound. It was a bit Halloween themed, with a little skeleton bouncing around on the monitor.
And then, I could finally pee.

I don’t think the smile has left my face yet. I would of course have been just as happy with a boy, but it’s just really cool knowing and somehow makes it even more real for me.
We have started thinking about names but haven’t gotten very far.  Husband suggested “Sister Mary Francis”, indicating that he would be placing her in a nunnery as soon as he could get her in, but I don’t think that one will stick ;)





Cruel, cruel move, Starbucks

I like my fancy ass coffee, I’ll admit. I live in a little town that for some absurd reason does not sport a Starbucks outlet, despite having a hoity-toity private university. You’d think the spoiled little brats attending that school would like their latte fix, but for some reason they make do with the mediocre coffee shop downtown, and the “currently under new management” Dunkin Donuts up the street.  There is no Target either, which is another incredibly sore spot.

So, whenever I travel or head to the neighboring towns & cities, I make a point of stopping by Starbucks and treat myself to an overpriced cup of joe, served with a smile. It makes me happy on the inside.

And then struck pregnancy, and with that a fierce coffee debate. Should you, or should you not consume the black gold when knocked up? The answers vary greatly and are often presented with religious fervor. It ranges from “you and everyone you care about will die a horrific death if you drink coffee AT ALL whilst pregnant” to the European “it’s fine in moderation, and by moderation we mean 3 cups”.
Note here, that a European cup is about a half of what Americans consider a cup, but it is also twice as potent. You do the math.

I made the personal decision to give the Keurig a break at least through the first trimester and somewhat into the second. I have had a few cups of tea and those tasted awesome. Black tea yes, and I’m aware of the caffeine content.  For me, decaf isn’t an option after reading up on the decaffeination process. Gnarly shit.
It hasn’t been bad at all, until this morning when I get my daily digest from this online baby info site called babycenter, with a big fat ad for Starbucks down the side bar. Now I want a latte, in a bad way.  That’s just wrong Starbucks…..