Holy half marathon

I don’t really like running. Running really doesn’t like me.
We have an understanding of sorts and normally try to not get in each other faces too much.

That said, I don’t know why I have this need for participating in running events. But I do, and I keep on signing up for stupid races and keep on half killing myself when I show up completely un- or under-trained. I’m always ecstatic when the torture is over, and maybe it’s that feeling that I crave?  The “oh holy fuck it feels so good to not to be moving anymore” feeling?  Maybe I just like stopping?

Anyhow. Turns out that the local running club is putting on a half marathon, out by the beach. The Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon.  It’s a nice course, I’ve ridden it on my bike several times (smarter than running it, huh?). Down by the ocean all the way to the Ponce Inlet lighthouse, and then back up along the river. It’s nice in every way but two: a) it’s 13.1 miles long and b) the last half a mile or so is up and over the Dunlawton bridge.

But this time, I swear on all that is holy, this time it will be different because this time, I am actually going to put in a few training runs before hitting the course.  What is more, I’m going to do it in a sensible way and start slow and short. I’ve even downloaded a training plan and set up the training log in a bad-ass Excel spreadsheet. Now I just have to actually *do* all the shit I wrote down and I know full well that will be the hard part.  I got up at crack of dawn today and did my first scheduled jog and it wasn’t too bad.
If I do this smartly, stick to the training plan, give my hips and legs lots and lots of yoga love, I think this could be a fun time. It’s also going to suck in a manner only Running can suck, and at the end of it, I’m going to come to one hell of a stop. I’m really looking forward to that.