Keeping your desk clean

Just about every minimalist/feng shui/organizational expert insists on having a clean, uncluttered desk to work at.  Zen Habits, one of my favorite minimalistic blogs even provides a 3-step program to a permanently clean desk, imagine that.

Lord knows I’ve tried, and I keep on trying, but at any given time you can usually find some stray papers or items that don’t belong. I bit the bullet the other day and ordered me a ScanSnap receipt scanner, so now all those little pieces of paper that otherwise would have hung around my desk for MONTHS are getting sucked in and spit out in an orderly fashion, and reasonably fast too.  Even with that, shit keeps finding its way to my desk. In my feeble attempts to keep a clean desk, the shit just migrates behind me, and piles gather on top of the hutch I have behind me. I’ve noticed the exact same phenomenon happening on my kitchen table at home. Mail, headphones, coins, dog leashes, pile of crap that has to be returned or relocated to work, you name it.

I think I am going to once more try the Zen Habits 3 step method and get a basket, one for home and one for work.  Problem is that it is just so much easier to put stuff IN the basket than process it OUT of it….  but maybe this is a chance for me to practice both Sauca (cleanliness) and Aparigraha at the same time.

Sigh. Day at a time, right?