Around the world in a wooshhh

View down the not so official path we used to clamber up after landing on the beach. Best view in all of Denmark.

For the past couple of weeks I have been on a plane, train and automobiles kick. In 2 short weeks it’s been Denmark, Sweden and Amsterdam – back to Florida only to drive my happy ass to the Georgia mountains, back home to Florida again to swap out cars and tomorrow drive to the northern part of South Carolina. If I had my own travel-miles program, I’d be a double platinum diamond studded medallion member already.

It’s been nice, to see the family, pig out on delicious Scandinavian bread and cheese, even got to do a nice little sledder off a dune in northern Denmark thanks to Niklas from and had an awesome day in Amsterdam with the husband.

The Georgia road trip was brilliant too,  but now I’m kind of ready to settle down a bit. I need to get some study time in for the yoga teacher training, and get my practice back on track. Then it’s that little detail of packing up the house for the impending move – but since I’m not entirely sure where or when I’m moving, that seems like it can wait. Because first there is another road trip to Carolinafest, where I’ll be promoting my magazine, hanging out with old friends and hopefully making some new – all whilst sweating buckets in South Carolina.

On on.