Taking care of the ASSets

Happy little fucker with that big belly and all

Ahhhh it’s really time to kick it up a notch, work-out wise. My clothes aren’t exactly hanging lose on my frame anymore, and some yoga poses feel a little funnier than they used to, in particular forward bends or anything requiring me to fold over my legs.
I’m feeling pretty strong in my legs and core after doing a bunch of standing poses and hip/back work in yoga over the past few months, but the strength is very nicely padded with flab.
Since it’s just dead weight, it needs to take a hike. Funny enough, a great way to get rid of it would be to take a hike! But alas, Florida in the summertime is not ideal for walking in the woods, especially not for those that originated in the north Atlantic. The combination of heat, humidity and bloodsucking bugs would be enough to put me in a nicely air-conditioned mental institution for a while.
I’ll settle for doing my hiking indoors for the time being, on a treadmill at Planet Fitness. Man, getting out of shape SUCKS. Actually, the process of getting out of shape is not bad… eating, drinking, chilling out on the couch… I guess I should say it’s the “getting back in shape” process that sucks. Big hairy donkey balls.

But it’s also a good opportunity to both continue Svadhyaya – self study – and definitely a fine opportunity for Tapas – austerity, discipline. Tapas is remembering what we want, and acting accordingly. Tapas is not reaching for that chocolaty treat…. at least a lot, lot less…. :)